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Pool Festival 2024 with Faithless, Calexico and Fink

Pool Festival 2024 with Faithless, Calexico and Fink

The 31st edition of the Pool Bar Festival in Feldkirch will once again bring beautiful acts such as Calexico, Funk, Bipolar, AZE and a late surprise act by Vorarlberg, namely rave legends Faithless. We offer a weekend getaway package for two people including one night's accommodation!

The old indoor swimming pool in Feldkirch is one of the best and most picturesque sites in Austria. Visitors have already told us that their fathers learned to swim in this ancient bathhouse. There are now concerts at this converted pool that you'll be telling your kids about one day. And perhaps also from the concerts at this year's Poolbar Festival, which opens on July 4 and runs through summer 2024 until August 11.

In fact, the impressive lineup has already been decided. But then there was a notable new addition that we especially recommend to you: The Infidel.

“This is my church, this is the place where I heal my wounds,” was the slogan back in 1998 when this novel created a sensation around the world. And let's be honest, “God is DJ” and their second hit “Insomnia” are still as good in 2024 as they were back then. On June 26, the pool will become DJ God's home.

Calexico's second album “Feast of Wire” is 20 years old. Reason enough for the band to celebrate widely with a massive tour. Thus the band announced on its Instagram account: “We are happy to announce that Calexico is returning to Europe this summer!”

Good news for fans in Austria and especially in Vorarlberg, because on July 19, Calexico is coming to the Pool Bar Festival!

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Lined up

Anda Mortis | Anna St. Louis | Ezz | Peppa | Benu $| berglinde | Beth McCarthy | Petrov | Bipolar Feminine | Bombay Cycling Club | Brant Bjork | Calexico | Kari Kari – Dragon Force | Cousins ​​like shit | DJ Crush | Dramas | ds | Tongue of the Earth Infidel (Live) | View | finch | Fiort | Gayle | Havok | Rear spoiler | Yes panic Jenny | Julia Alexa | Kafkiz | audio carousel | remains | Lena and Linus | lot | Marder4000 | Millennium Kid | billion | Mine | Mauldin and Seller feat. Women's Orchestra | nand | Necrogoplicon | Nila | Diversify | Horses and men | O alien | good thank you. Goodbye | Orbit | Reese Rayner | sampania | Say yes, dog Sirens in Lesbos | scofi | Audio@V | SQF2000 | steel pulse | Stephanie Sargnagel | Gonorrhea | Salam Diary | telequest | will | Warning | timber timber | Ringtones and I | Tony Ann | Uche Yara | Waxahachie| And more!

Pool Bar Festival 2024

From July 4th to August 11th
Reichenfeld and the old indoor swimming pool
Feldkirch, Vorarlberg

We give one away Weekend package for two including overnight stay! Write to us where you learned to swim and which weekend you would like to come to the Pool Festival at [email protected]. The deadline for submission of entries is July 4, 2024. The winner will be notified via email.

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