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Previous day: Will the game actually be released in 3 weeks?

Previous day: Will the game actually be released in 3 weeks?



Will the game actually be released in 3 weeks?

The Day Before has not yet been released, however there has been controversial news surrounding the title for several months. Now, there’s not long to go until the announced November 10, 2023 release.

The game was recently discontinued due to problems choosing the name Titles. Not least because the new name Dayworld had already been taken. These plans apparently came to nothing and the title still operates under the original name. The pilot phase mentioned never happened.

Another reason to doubt the release of the game is the lack of communication from the developers. Last message was on August 2, 2023 On X to publish. In the post, Fntastic has already confirmed the release on November 10, 2023. Anyone hoping to get more information about the game on Steam will be disappointed. The Day Before was the first most requested title, but the game no longer has a store listing. This disappeared during naming disputes and was never brought back.

Whether the ill-fated game will actually be released on November 10 can only be determined with certainty on the release day. Even if, according to information from the developers, it is supposed to be a survival MMO, almost nothing is known about the real content of the game. Actual gameplay was never shown, which is unusual for a release in two weeks.

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