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The skill system will “definitely continue like this”

The skill system will “definitely continue like this”

Although posted before The Elder Scrolls 6 It’s still years in the future, and developer Bethesda is careful not to make any official statements about the game if possible, and if there’s nothing really to say about it, small details come to light from time to time, this is what Bruce Nesmith said, a long-time employee said. In Bethesda, among other things, a leading designer The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimany Game mechanics in the sequel It can exist. He is especially confident when it comes to the level system.

The Elder Scrolls 6: Do something to get better at

In an interview with Minmax said Nesmith, who is also a senior systems designer at the company Starfield But he left Bethesda in 2021, convinced that the skill system in The Noble Scrolls 6 would be the same as in Skyrim. “Do something to get better at – This will definitely continue“.

In the 2011 RPG, players can master basically any skill if they just do it Handle it long enough. Those who only used heavy armor or ranged weapons in combat gained bonuses to these things more quickly; Those who often tried lockpicking or pickpocketing gradually became better at it, even if the attempts failed. “My idea may not have been unique, but I had a lot to do with it,” Nesmith says.

It will likely be a while before we can enjoy the RPG At least five years passeven if The Elder Scrolls 6 has recently moved into development he. However, Bethesda’s focus at the moment is on Starfield. And with a series on Amazon Prime, the Bethesda universe benefits as well New fallout content coming soon.