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Princess Amalia of Orange spoke about psychology and boys

Princess Amalia of Orange spoke about psychology and boys

Dutch Crown Princess Amalia regularly talks to a psychiatrist to take her heart out. “I don’t think it’s taboo and I have no problem saying it in public,” the 17-year-old says in a book published on Tuesday. “Sometimes it all becomes too much for me, school, friends – and then I talk to someone.” At the suggestion of the court, cabaret artist Claudia de Brij held long talks with the crown prince.

On this basis, I wrote the painting “Amalia” on the occasion of the 18th birthday of the Crown Prince, on the seventh of December. In it, Amalia talks about her life, her friends and her love. She likes brave boys – the Germans are generally better at that than the Dutch. Her hobbies include riding mojitos, singing and mixing cocktails. In a beach cafĂ© for her friends in The Hague, she is called “Our Cocktail Queen”.

In the spring, Amalia had just passed her GCSE and is now taking a break. She does not yet know exactly what she wants to study. In any case, she wants a completely normal student life.

As of December 7, she could become queen if something happened to her father, King Willem Alexander (54). But then, she says, she asked her mother, Maxima, to take on the role for a few years. However, in principle, Amalia does not see much of a burden in her future role, but rather an honor. “I am in the service of my country. I give my life for the Netherlands.” One plus point for sure: Amalia loves tiaras.

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