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PS3 emulation for PS Plus Premium (PS5/PS4) is said to be in the works

PS3 emulation for PS Plus Premium (PS5/PS4) is said to be in the works

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment took the cat out of the bag and officially revealed the new PS Plus models, which combine the Plus and Now together. With the merge, SIE has a back catalog of old games from Up to 700 games. One problem: PlayStation 3 games cannot be played locally, and can only be activated via live streaming. As an insider claims, this should change in the future, so this one Download PS3 Games for PS5 / PS4 Could you.

VentureBeat Reporter Jeff Group Talk on a podcast Mike Minotti On the week’s top news, including PlayStation Plus.

In the podcast, Grubb claimed, “Since I’ve been talking about this all week, I’ve asked him, I’ve researched. It looks like Sony is emulating PS3 on PS5. But it might take a while.”

“I wish they’d come out and tell us that,” Grob continued. The statement doesn’t seem safe right now, but we’ll see if the insider is right and when we can download PS3 games for PS5 / PS4.

PS Plus: When will original PS3 games come to PS5?

Even before the release of PS5, backwards compatibility for the latest Sony console has always been an issue. Previous rumors claimed that SIE was working on making older games playable on the new console. what’s left? Almost the entire PS4 game library. There is no PS3 emulation until today. As Grubb further said in the podcast, things are “going to take a while.”

Sony hasn’t gone into detail about why the PS3 is the only console in the PS Plus Premium lineup that doesn’t allow original downloads. As we know, the PlayStation 3 is notoriously difficult to develop games on. The wizard was very unique and made simulation difficult over time, although some hobbyists combined them together. It seems only a matter of time.

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So we still have to be patient with the original PS3 emulation on PlayStation 5. With the exception of Grubb, no one has talked about it lately. Downloading PS3 games for PS5 / PS4 will definitely be exciting. On PlayStation 3 There have been some games worth playing again!