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Rally-Lunzer Gerald Bachler wins in Mühlviertel

Rally-Lunzer Gerald Bachler wins in Mühlviertel

Great weather, 75 teams from Germany and abroad and in the middle of it was Lunzer’s Gerald Bachler: the fourth edition of the Perg Mühlstein Rallye was set up.

But for Bachler, there was a change immediately. Otherwise he starts at Wang’s FS Motorsport. Since all the racing cars were already on lease at the time of the investigation, Bachler drove a near-series M1-class Subaru WRX STI this time from the Bamminger rally team from Sattledt.

As is often the case, Bachler ran into some initial problems this past weekend. “On the approach to the first special stage, a sudden loss of pressure was noticed in the left front tire, and the wheel had to be shifted under significant time pressure in order to start on time,” says Pachler.

Gerald Bacheler. After the problems in the first special stage, there was still success.


He reached the first special stage in time with his Viennese co-driver Harry Zehtbauer. But the next incident occurred just about 800 meters after the start: the handbrake failed the first time it was applied and blocked the rear wheels. After several attempts to fix the glitch while driving, the team had to stop on the track to re-engage the locking pin. The result: only a disappointing 29th place after the first special stage.

“Then, fortunately, the mishaps ended,” Bachler laughs. The fast rally team made some changes to the Subaru’s chassis and, after a midday service, got to handle the new car better and better. Bachler/Zehetbauer managed to finish two of the seven special stages in the top ten overall and were very satisfied with that.

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At the end of the day, the current champion managed to get his next win in the ARC rankings. In the general classification, the team made its way to an excellent eleventh place overall.