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Rating – Ardagger could go up, Amstetten will have to wait

Rating – Ardagger could go up, Amstetten will have to wait

There were no major disturbances at Thursday’s meeting. There were some corrections to the league rankings made by the Department of Sports on Monday. The affected clubs had the opportunity to appeal the decision until Thursday noon. The union committee dealt with these objections.

Cheers next year

Second-tier club SKU Amstetten will have to be content with a two-man team in the Regionalliga West for the time being. Mostviertler’s objection to his appointment to the second state league was rejected on grounds of equality (as Admira II and Horn II). However, only for the 2023/24 season. According to NÖFV, “The allocation option will be granted in the 2024/25 season – without prejudice – / The condition remains that the club belongs to the Bundesliga”.

Horner’s and Admirals’ amateur division into the East Regional League II, controversially discussed at a grassroots level, remains intact. However, no club has officially objected to this.

A team of two rises

SG Ardagger / Viehdorf who were promoted to the regional league also complained about the division of their two-man team. This was approved: instead of Ybbstal Second Division, Ardagger II would start in First Division West (without reserves). The league thus consists of 15 teams – which requires flexibility at first. Let’s start with a double round at the end of week 13./15. August.

By the way, a third (!) Syndicate team – including the reserve team – will compete in the second division Yspertal.

Pulkau flashes

Jederspeigen also received the go-ahead: as per request, the women’s team will play in the Weinviertel women’s regional league (now with ten clubs) instead of the Weinviertel women’s group. For the women’s group, which now only consists of four teams, a suitable method must first be worked out.

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On the other hand, SV Pulkau is not allowed to be used in the second division Schmidatal. The original division into Pulkautal II class remains. The division of the league that was decided on Monday is still in place. Click here for the meinfussball story: Klasseneinteilung-so-wird-ab-sommer-spiel-372492276

The current overview of the game chapters is on the website of the Lower Austrian Society: Klasseneinteilung-2023-24-2.pdf? ch = WNq-O2HC&:hp = 5258; 108570; de