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Regionalliga: Thanks to Revolution, four tournaments instead of three in the future?

Regionalliga: Thanks to Revolution, four tournaments instead of three in the future?

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Vienna – Fri, 07/15/2022, 08:53

Will there be a revolution in regional tournaments in the future?

If the head of the Upper Austria Football Association, Gerhard Gottschhofer, is on his way, the regional Mitte League should be dissolved, as “CrownAccordingly, the union preferred with the climber Salzburg to the second admiral league.

But at the same time, Styria, Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg will be merged into one regional league each, while Regnaliga Ost will remain unaffected. The bottom line is – at least the desired scenario – four rather than three regional championships.

The schedule for the three young players in the second division

However, there is a problem with this concept: four leagues inevitably lead to four champions, but the Second Admiral League only accepts three new regional leagues each year.

The solution: In the fall, ten clubs in each of the three newly established regional leagues will complete the first and second half of the season. The top two teams from each of the regional leagues in Styria/Carinthia and Tirol/Vorarlberg and Salzburg/Upper Austria will go through another round in the spring.

The top two of the six teams appear, and the Eastern League champions are automatically promoted to the second Admiral League. The bottom line is three climbers.

“They’re banging on our doors and waving flags,” explains Gottschofer, along with encouragement from the Salzburg Association.

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The revolution is still wishful thinking, because the Austrian Football Association cannot decide on it until December at the earliest.

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