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Renault Trucks in action → Master and Trafic by FF Garrel

Renault Trucks in action → Master and Trafic by FF Garrel

Renault Trucks, in cooperation with A+T Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, delivers two transporters with firefighter bodies to the Garrel Volunteer Fire Department: Renault Trucks Master as command vehicle and Renault Trucks Trafic as command vehicle.

Renault Trucks, in cooperation with A+T Commercial Vehicles, is equipping the Garrel Volunteer Fire Department with two special vehicles never before seen in Germany: Renault Trucks Trafic as command vehicle and Renault Trucks Master as command vehicle. In use.

Michael Schwab, Fire Chief of the Jarrell Fire Department and Sales Director at A+T Commercial Vehicles, says the following about the drive vehicle: “Based on Renault Trucks Trafic, we were able to create an ideal vehicle for our requirements in cooperation with Renault Trucks. The vehicle is used as a drive vehicle In normal daily life, comrades take the vehicle with them to participate in regional training courses and in the event of an emergency, it serves as a quick “advance vehicle” for the military commander or as a personnel carrier for comrades who are moving uphill.”

Renault Trucks Master is used as a command vehicle to lead and coordinate tactical operations and transport the platoon (driver, radio operator and operations manager) with their armor to the scene. The Trafic as a command vehicle and the Master as a command vehicle complete the Garrel Volunteer Fire Department lineup.

“The Jarrell Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to have found reliable partners in Renault Trucks and A+T to be able to implement both vehicle projects,” confirms Michael Schwab. “We are very proud to be the first to receive command and control vehicles from Renault Trucks!”

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Renault Trucks has worked closely with the fire service for more than a hundred years. Through this long-term partnership, the French company collaborates with body manufacturers to offer fire trucks that can operate effectively in emergency situations. The Renault Trucks Master, Renault Trucks Trafic, Renault Trucks C and Renault Trucks K models are designed for a wide range of special operations, be it in urban areas, on-road, in forest or residential fires or in industrial environments.

About the Jarrell Volunteer Fire Department
The volunteer fire department is based in the municipality of Jarrell and is located in the Cloppenburg district. The Defense Force was established in 1908 with around 20 members, and since then the number of members has almost tripled, so that there are currently 76 active military men serving voluntarily. The number of missions has quadrupled since its establishment; The Companions currently assist with approximately 80-100 missions per year.

About A+T Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH
For 30 years, A+T Nutzfahrzeuge has been a competent partner of commercial vehicles for the mobile needs of the 3.5 tonne vehicle class. In its sales range you will find all suitable solutions, from small trucks for craft companies to heavy trucks. The company services the Renault Trucks and Volvo Trucks brands at five locations in Garrel, Uplengen, Münster, Osnabrück and Meppen, in keeping with the slogan “Everything from one source”.