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Reutte on Ice, DJ Ötzi, Lumagica: In Reutte, one event chases another

Reutte on Ice, DJ Ötzi, Lumagica: In Reutte, one event chases another

It all happens on Friday at Riot. Anyone who likes things to go ’round’ is guaranteed to get their money’s worth!

Root. “There’s a lot going on right now,” laughs Ronald Petrini, looking ahead to the days ahead. The managing director of the Roti Tourism Association, and alongside him Silke Mader, who is largely responsible for organizing the events, have a lot of things to do at the moment.

There was a lot going on that day

Friday, November 17, 2023 – On this day, Riot’s event calendar is fuller than ever. The Tourism Association and various partners are responsible for this to happen.
It is the day on which the “Reutte on Ice” opens, at the same time “Lumagica” turns the Ehrenberg into a sea of ​​lights for the second time and because all this is worth celebrating, an event has been organized at the Reutte with music and good food beckoning. The special “treat” is the appearance of DJ Ötzi at 6 p.m.

When it gets dark, things go well

“We’re really cool,” says Petrini, looking forward to next Friday. Basically, you don’t really know where to take care of the darkness on this day – up to the fortifications in Ehrenberg, or rather to Röten Park?

Entry is at 2 pm

If you’re looking for something unique, Reutten Park is the place to be on this day. This is where the inaugural event takes place. Entrance to the festival area on the Untermarkt opens at 2pm. The ice surface in front of the “Kellerei” known from previous years will also be opened at this time.
The band “Lechufer” will take to the stage at 4pm, DJ Ötzi will rock the area from 6pm, and then, at around 7:30pm, Bääm will provide entertainment with a concert.

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Official opening is at 5:45 p.m

In between, at 5:45 p.m., “Reutte on Ice” comes on and the lights on the Ehrenberg go on. What is on offer here is unique, in Reut, in Tyrol, and even in the entire Alpine region, because: “This is the largest ice rink in the Alps! The second largest ice rink can be found in Vienna,” says Silke Mader. Enthusiastically. About the show he adds: “Lumagica Ehrenberg is crazy anyway!”

The largest ice sheet in the Alps

This year Reutte on Ice grows to a total ice area of ​​more than 2,000 square metres. In addition to the famous ice skating rink in front of the winery, there is a rink that “meanders” through the park, which has never existed in this form at Riot before. TVB assures us that something similar can only be found in large cities.
Of course, catering is not neglected during the opening ceremony, as the clubs make sure you can fortify yourself with food and drink.

In Lumagica (almost) everything is new

Reutte on Ice and the opening event on November 17 is one big thing, while Lumagica on Ehrenberg is another. “Almost everything is new there,” Silke Mader says. Anyone who has seen the unique lighting installations of the past year is sure to discover something new on another visit. And anyone who missed Lumagica around the castle set last year will be thrilled anyway.

By the way: For a few days now, after dark, you can see the contours of the “ruin” and the top of the castle head thanks to new energy-efficient LED lights. These lights will remain in Ehrenberg permanently, including after Lumagica.

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Know better

More information about “Reutte on Ice”, “Lumagica” and upcoming TVB Reutte events can be found at the following link:
More information from the Riot District can be found at