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Revolutionary Delirium “In the Vienna Woods – The Gap.”

Revolutionary Delirium “In the Vienna Woods – The Gap.”

Underground techno music takes its audience on a journey through the “chapters” of the menstrual cycle. Along the way, “Woman: Revolutionary Delirium” also addresses themes such as male privilege, sexism, male redemption, the origins of patriarchy, love, consensus, and body acceptance.

© Günter Machau

“If we keep this up it will take 365 years until there is gender equality.” The book “Woman: Revolutionary Delirium” begins with this sentence. Like an echo, the phrase is repeated constantly and each time more artists enter the room. First dressed in shorts and oversized white T-shirts, then dressed in colorful club clothes with a lot of shine on their faces, the actors dance on the impressive metal runway, which – depending on the lighting – is reminiscent of both a sporting event and a club interior that fills the entire stage space.

»This is Rave's solution and I'm your host, MC PMS«

First, it was made clear that all people have a cycle. Depending on gender and hormonal status, this lasts for a month or 24 hours. Led by MC PMS as the hormone mouthpiece, the audience is then taken on a tour through the phases of the cycle that all people who have a period go through. The entire performance is accompanied by sounds from Rana Farahani aka DJ Fauna, ranging from laid-back music to bass-heavy techno beats.

In “The Woman” the stages of the period are organized in the form of four seasons. The journey – fitting for the name MC PMS – begins just before my period, in the fall, and with MC PMS's phrase: “I want to eat chocolate and be a hero.” Winter is then announced with fog, snow and tremors, accompanied by slow music and eerie chants, and culminates – beautifully displayed with a kiss in the stands – with menstruation. Scattering petals, moans and a change in music to three-quarter time, as two performers dance a waltz, then usher in spring. In keeping with spring fever, love is discussed at this time of year: monogamy, open, poly, gay, straight, sexless,… Conclusion? There should be no hierarchy between different types of love: “Love is not something you choose, it is something you are.” Summer is finally bathed in red light, and the music turns to fast French techno and flows into the dances of Voguing artists. And Bollywood elements.

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“We lived in a matriarchy”

An intelligent criticism of the patriarchy, which is under attack from various sides, runs through the entire performance. This system has its origins in the paradisiacal Garden of Eden and its consequences for young men are clearly presented – for example, male salvation based on helpless princesses in fairy tales. In addition, Wolf Collective artists provide informational materials as well as preparatory and follow-up workshops for school classes to accompany their artwork.

“Woman: Revolutionary Rave” is not only aesthetically beautiful to look at and listen to, it also makes you think. Despite the seriousness of the topics, the actors' dialogues always make you laugh, and in the end you leave the theater feeling positive and empowered. It helps that at the end of the show the stage lights are completely turned off and the performers give the audience a laser show in the dark. As a bonus, you can see the sound and lighting technicians behind the stage, cheering on the dazzling lights. I'm not surprised that the first show sold out quickly and ended with a standing ovation from the entire audience. I think this speaks for itself.

“Women: Revolutionary Delirium” Still on February 26 and 27, 2024 Jungle Vienna To see.

This text is part of A Scholarship writing Created in collaboration with Jungle Vienna.

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