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Richard Gere: The age difference is 34 years – this is his wife, Alejandra

Richard Gere: The age difference is 34 years – this is his wife, Alejandra

Pretty woman“Walk down the street.” Those six words are enough to take us straight to Hollywood. More precisely, Hollywood Boulevard. there, where Richard Gere (73) Edward Lewis’ debut role as prostitute Vivian Ward Julia Roberts (55), meet. The rest is history. The film remains a cult even today. And Richard Gere is forever a womanizer.

Speaking of women: the actor is already married for the third time. From 1991 to 1995 it was the top model Cindy Crawford (56) The woman next to him from 2002 to 2016, then: Carey Lowell (61) Actress and model. The couple have a son together. Eight years ago, Hollywood’s greatest fell in love again – even at first sight. He met his current wife in a hotel in Italy Alejandra. How is it called beautiful? love does not know age. Because despite the 34-year difference, there were sparks between the two, and they are now happily married. Two sons together crowned their happiness.

Want to know more about Richard Gere’s wife Alejandra? Click on the video above!

Michael Douglas, Heiner Lauterbach, George Clooney: Your wives are much younger than you

Michael Douglas (78) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (53), Heiner (69) and Victoria Lauterbach (50), George (61) and hopefull (44) Clooney. They all also prove that love, and above all a happy relationship, is not based on age.

If you look around in Hollywood – but also in Germany – you will notice that, in percentage terms, more men feel attracted to younger partners. But, as is known, exceptions confirm the rule. And one of the most notorious exceptions is Heidi Klum (49) and Tom Kaulitz (33). The two though – or maybe thanks? – staying incredibly in love with each other despite the 16 year age difference. And they love to prove it in public. Whether on social media or the red carpet: the couple is on cloud nine.

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In the video below, we show you Heidi Klum and Tommy are in love on the red carpet.