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This is how Prince Harry has changed through Meghan

This is how Prince Harry has changed through Meghan

Prince Harry once had a good relationship with the British press photographers. But then he married Duchess Meghan – and everything changed. he is too?

However, it is almost unthinkable today Prince Harry (38) She had a good relationship with the English press – at least with the paparazzi. At least so says Arthur Edwards (82), an old employee of The Sun, who accompanied the royal family on many trips. But Harry’s semi-friendly nature suddenly changed when he was Duchess Meghan (41, nee Meghan Markle) Married. It all started well between the American actress and the British photographer.

The prince has also changed visually – to see this, click on the video above.

‘I thought she was a rock star’: The royal photographer was initially excited about Duchess Meghan

“Meghan received me really well, and that must have been honest. I thought she was a rock star. I thought she was really pulling off […]. It was a whirlwind,” reveals Arthur Edwards in an interview with Then followed Harry and Meghan’s wedding — and the relationship changed abruptly. You don’t want to meet us anymore. We kept asking, but she didn’t want to know anything about it. Today I suspect she has an agenda – a plan. ” Netflix Documentary “Harry & Meghan” Such as Biography of Harry “Spear”which will be released in January.

Also Princess Kate (40) It shall beHurt and betrayalYou feel – but in the video below you can see how she simply smiles away from the documentary’s trouble while decorating the Christmas tree.

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In the video, you can see Princess Kate decorating the Christmas tree!
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Prince Harry invited photojournalists for drinks and dinner

Arthur Edwards has always thought a lot of Prince Harry and remembers the time before Meghan: “He was really a very special man. He wasn’t the brightest in school, but he did an incredible amount. Plus two assignments in Afghanistan, that was impressive. I loved him and enjoyed it.” Really working with him.” The 82-year-old photographer also tells how cordial the relationship was between Prince Harry, himself and his pals – and how his youngest son was. Princess Diana (36) He invited the whole troupe to dinner and a few drinks after the excursions.

‘He can’t go on like this’: A photojournalist speaks out about Prince Harry’s allegations

Referring to Harry and Meghan’s revelations years ago, Arthur Edwards said: “He can’t go on like this – you can’t go on attacking family. […] This kind of thing runs in the family. If there is a conflict, it remains in the family and is resolved. To make it public on film in the world – just for the money – I think that’s wrong. The photographer also has a solution ready for Harry: “Why not use this platform to promote his charities?” He has some amazing charities that he sponsors. Invictus Games and Senetable Aid help children in Africa go to school – and learn to read and write.”

Arthur Edwards is sure: Harry and Meghan could not harm the royal family

The constant accusations of the family regarding the father King Charles III. (74) And a brother Prince William (40) Nor does it seem to have any apparent effect – at least that is the opinion of Arthur Edwards. That’s it again At the “Royal Carols: Together for Christmas” concert in Westminster Abbey, where the royal family formed a harmonious unit: “Nothing will change for the family. They walked down the aisle together and said to everyone: This family is united!” But Harry will always have a special place in his heart – especially because of his commitment to good: “That’s why I can’t be really angry with Harry. I look for the good in people, not the bad – and he’s basically a very good guy.”

They shoot Kate and William

In the video you can see how Harry and Meghan portrayed the Prince of Windsor in the documentary.
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