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Royal tour: Kate and William’s secret guest stayed away from the cameras

Royal tour: Kate and William’s secret guest stayed away from the cameras

“I have Catherine He said it would be great, and so it was.” That was the verdict Prince William After the couple’s trip to Australia in 2014. The eight-month-old was also there at the time Prince George. Unnoticed by the audience – and the cameras – according to mail on sunday Also Kate’s mother Carol Middleton I was next to the newly minted parents. Together with a nanny Maria Borallo The report said she took care of little George.

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The royals were down from their three-week visit Australians New Zealanders have been celebrated like rock stars. William She was particularly influenced by Aboriginal culture: “They have been the guardians of this great and sublime continent for thousands of years,” he said. Their stories and the impressive sandstone Mount Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, are an “invaluable heritage”.

Visiting the indigenous people of the desert with an overnight stay in a luxury tent was the highlight of the trip. for the prince George It was the first flight ever.

Middleton bankruptcy

Carole Middleton and her husband Michael They should now have more time for their grandchildren again. At the beginning of June, the party supply chain was declared bankrupt. Millions of dollars in debt remained. The report filed by the insolvency officer showed that the company was unable to pay nearly £2.6m (€3m). This included more than £600,000 in unpaid taxes.

One of the insolvency administrators said the company had been “very hard hit” by the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions on social gatherings. Party Cut was 1987 by Carol and Michael Middleton It was founded when the 68-year-old mom was looking for ideas for her daughter’s fifth birthday. The company grew and made the couple millionaires.

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After suppliers threatened legal consequences this year for unpaid invoices, the insolvency administrators were named and the company was sold to the British businessman for an undisclosed amount. James Sinclair Sold.