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NÖN Eis-Check – Leonardelli: Klosterneuburger Eis of the fourth generation

NÖN Eis-Check – Leonardelli: Klosterneuburger Eis of the fourth generation

“It’s the only way to endure this monkey heat. There is a crowd in front of the ice cream parlor. Business is going well this year,” says one of the guests looking for refreshment, patiently waiting in line in front of the best ice cream dog, Leonardelli, “It’s better than a cold bath. In Klosterneuburg, temperatures are well above 30 degrees. great.

Leonardelli? An Italian in Klosterneuburg? “Yes, my roots are in Italy,” the ice cream man assures, not without pride. His grandfather, Ludovico Leonardelli, comes from Trentino, a small province in northern Italy. Then Ludovico emigrated to Vienna, took care of the construction of the Stadtbahn arches and then produced confectionery. Then came the idea of ​​ice cream. Ice cream production is now in the Leonardelli family in the fourth generation, because Franz Leonardelli’s daughter Mona took over the business from her father.

“When it’s hot out, fruit ice cream is at the top of the popularity ladder,” says Leonardelli, who also feels trends. So vegan ice cream is in demand more and more. “We have been taking this into account for a long time, because our fruit ice cream is made without milk.”

None of this changes the fact that the preferred flavors are still the same: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate are still successful individually, but also in combination. Franz Leonardelli can’t help it either, although one might think it has nothing to do with ice cream consumption: “These are my favorites, too. I like ice cream.”

Natasha Stankovic and Laura Liebhardt make Zucchero ice cream for the whole family.

NOE, Hornstein

There are only two ice cream shops left in Klosterneuburg. Once there were four. In addition to “Leonardelli”, the ice cream parlor “Zuckero” has also established itself in the town square. Emöke Nagy has been running the company since 2021. “We have ice cream for the whole family,” says the ice cream boss. Therefore, children and diabetics are offered ice cream, ice cream for allergy sufferers, as well as regular ice cream. “The concept arose because, as a young girl, I was never allowed to eat anything sweet for health reasons, and therefore I was very sad,” says Nagy. With it, the whole family can now sit together and enjoy sweets safely.

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On September 30, the month of October in “Zucchero” was also announced. With beer, of course, but probably in a unique form. “As part of Oktoberfest, we will present our new beer ice cream,” says Emöke Nagy, head of the “Zuckero” on the town square.

Gerti Fuchs, Eisfux, St.  Andrä-Wordern 2023

Gerti Fuchs, head of Eisfux at St. Andrä-Wördern, introducing new varieties throughout the season.

No, the grabber

The “special production” is also the ice cream from “Eisfux” in St. Louis. Andrä-Wördern. After a somewhat cold start to the season, business is now going very well, says chairman Gertie Fox.

It produces 40 different types of ice cream, and fruit varieties such as pineapple and apricot are especially popular in the summer. Or the new variety “Greek Yogurt” – an idea that Fox “brought back from vacation”. While the milk ice cream varieties are made with organic milk, the fruit ice cream base of “Eisfux” does not contain any animal ingredients. Plus, the dark chocolate ice cream is also vegan.

Gerti Fuchs does not use alternative sweetener options. However, what’s on her mind: “Sugar-free ice cream. I just haven’t been able to implement it yet.”

Lady “Eisfux” promises that there will be new varieties during the season until fall.