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After Fan Concerns About ‘The Rookie’ Season 6: Now There’s An Official Statement – Series News

After Fan Concerns About ‘The Rookie’ Season 6: Now There’s An Official Statement – Series News

Really good times are coming for fans of Nathan Fillion. In James Gunn’s new DCU, he’s set to become a Green Lantern. But what about the sixth season of The Rookie? There is now an official answer to that. Still, nothing is certain.


The fact that the cop series “The Rookie” is currently on everyone’s lips and is not only playing up and down on American TV, but also celebrating huge success with streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, is no longer a secret. The ABC series, about cops who are just starting out in their careers and still have a lot to learn, has become a smash hit, and is set to run for at least six seasons. Season 5 recently started in Germany on Sky and WOW, and Season 6 is already expected to start in Spring 2024 in the USA. In reality…

Will the new episodes really be in the box by then? When it was announced a few days ago that “The Rookie” actor Nathan Fillion would be taking on a larger role in James Gunn’s new DCU, fans of the series were of course equally concerned. After all, Fillion must not only turn into the superhero Green Lantern for “Superman: Legacy”, but also play a role in the “Lanterns” series. That seems like a long time on screen in general! So when is Fillion supposed to play cop John Nolan in The Rookie?

Season 6 of “The Rookie” is coming!

But the truth is, season 6 of “The Rookie” is coming and according to co-creator Alexi Hawley, who spoke via Twitter, the broadcast won’t be delayed due to Fillion’s DCU commitment.

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In simple terms, Hawley answered a question he tweeted on TV Line, “Could Nathan Fillion’s Superman role as Green Lantern delay season 6 of The Rookie?” Fans should calm down for the short answer. However, Hawley did not reveal how and when exactly the cop series will continue…

Above all, he also doesn’t comment on whether Fillion’s new commitment to DC might warrant a reduction in his role in the cop series, as he may only be seen in a portion of Season 6’s episodes.

Not only the DCU can stand in the way of “The Rookie”…

Hollywood has been in shambles for weeks now. While Hollywood screenwriters initially walked out, now union actors are also on strike — and there are just too many of them. Series like “The Rookie” are also affected and of course James Gunn’s new DCU is no exception.

The fact that “Superman: Legacy” really comes to cinemas on July 10, 2025 should be just as uncertain as the season 6 premiere of “The Rookie” in the spring of 2024. Nothing is confirmed at the moment. It is difficult to say whether Alexi Hawley was aware of this at the time of his July 12 denial.

It’s entirely possible that Nathan Fillion could reconcile The Rookie with Superman: Legacy and the Lanterns. We have already explained exactly how this can work in the following article:

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