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Sagittarius enemy: Look in the mirror!

Sagittarius enemy: Look in the mirror!

Last October, ARCH ENEMY returned with his first new song in four years: “Scammer, Deceiver”:

Today the band is releasing another single, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, which debuted yesterday on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal with Jose Mangin: “House Of Mirrors”!

Watch the new music video here:

Guitarist Michael Amot comments:

“Musically speaking, this is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a while and has finally been finalized. It all started with the guitar element introducing the track, which of course leads to the ’80s galloping metal verse feel. How it’s always been with us, we had a few different arrangements and demos. For this song even, dare I say it, it was absolutely perfect!”

MILF Woman Alyssa White Glows adds:

“House of Mirrors is a song that taps into the human psyche. I wrote the lyrics during a dark period of stark and miserable shutdown, and I believe people would relate to feeling completely alone – but never alone – if only surrounded by past and future versions of self as a community.”

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