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The film documentary "Weiyena" was awarded the . award

The film documentary “Weiyena” was awarded the . award

Danielle Proskar won Best Documentary Feature. Both prizes amount to 5,000 euros each.

5:20 PM, April 07, 2022


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Honored with the Franz Grabner Prize: Weina Chau (center) and Judith Benedict for Weiyena – A Heimatfilm © Filmdelights

As part of Diagonale, the Franz Grabner Prize was awarded in the Film and TV Documentary categories on Thursday afternoon. granted Weina – Homeland Film by Weina Zhao Judith Benedict Best Documentary Film, and “Eric Fried – Poet in the Porcelain Store” by Daniel Proskar. Both prizes amount to 5,000 euros each.

“Weiyena – Ein Heimatfilm” (2020) was hailed by the jury as “a poor project in remembering and questioning his family’s history. An intimate cross-generational portrait with a presentation of the history of immigration, to the realities of life in China, during and after the dictatorship.” It also notes the “differences, fissures, and contradictions in storytelling”. In general, “a subtle film, carried by a personal approach,” succeeded.

movie decision Eric Fried – Poet in a Pottery Shop(2021) justified the jury by saying he was bringing Fried back to life as a “veteran of political discourse.” The director “traces” in a cleverly assembled college the disparate life lines of the exile whose father was murdered by the Nazis. It ranks tasks flat, but avoids them. “It makes room for those who speak strongly, but also for those close to them and loyalty to them,” she added.

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