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Social Media – Tulln Garden is now also a popular Instagram site

Social Media – Tulln Garden is now also a popular Instagram site

Created April 24, 2023 | 07:00

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At Garten Tulln: musician and beekeeper Martin “Vearz” Polt, influencer Kaija “Houseplantfairy” Wesemann, Robert Reithofer (Biocanna Film Team), presenter Carola Medha as well as Roland Stadler and Pedro Hoffmann (Biocanna Film Team).

Pedro Hoffman

DrThe popular garden fair is now working with Instagram partner Biocanna.

With 200,000 visitors per year, Tulln Park is known far beyond Lower Austria as a destination for excursions and as an educational institution. ORF’s “Nature in the Garden” program with organic gardener Karl Bloberger is a constant part of many Sunday afternoons. “We know from many studies that youth media use behavior is very different than it was 20 years agosays Franz Gruber, Managing Director of Garten Tulln, “DrTherefore, we are increasingly using channels such as Facebook and Instagram to make our offerings more accessible to young people in particular. Influencers have gained a lot of importance in networking here, so I am happy to collaborate professionally with our partner Biocanna. “

Instagram influencers report under “Houseplantfariy” and “Vearz”

In hilarious short videos, garden influencers Kaija Wesenmann and Martin Polt introduce Biocanna organic fertilizers “Bio Flores”, “Bio Vega” and “Bio Rhizotonic” to the Instagram profiles “Houseplantfairy” and “Vearz” with a total of over 70,000 followers. before. In a specially designed herb bed from Biocanna, Garten Tulln investigates the long-term and effective effect of plant strengthening. Biocanna creates nutrients and growing media for fast growing plants. As all three fertilizers bear the “Nature in the Garden” seal of approval, they meet the high quality standards of the Lower Austrian environmental movement “Nature in the Garden”. It is available in the Tulln Garden store.