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“Sing with time!”: The Tschingle Bells group left the audience far away

“Sing with time!”: The Tschingle Bells group left the audience far away

By Manfred Kellner
Chiltern – The big round of the Kittenberger Gartenarena was almost full to the last seat, groups of visitors were also standing in front of the stage. Before the ceremony, the line at the drinks and snacks stand reached the arena entrance at times, and host Reinhard Kittenberger and managing director Manuela Murth-Meinhart even hopped in and tapped beers, poured drinks, and served food to handle the rush. The public was looking forward to the “Sing-along” concert on August 11, 2023 – and Heide Haindl, Poldi Denk, Thomas Putzer, Dominik Volker and Mario Simlinger could hardly wait to finally get started.

The largest choir in Kamptal

“A year ago we already had the largest choir in Kamptal here,” said Heidel happily, “but today we broke that record, and today more singers have come in!” Thus began the line-up of musicians of different line-ups that meet again and again in the form of a Tschingle-Bells medley, immediately with “Where’s Papa Gone?” (“Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”) – and the whole garden yard joined.

Hit after hit

And so it continued in rapid succession – hit after hit: hits like “Regenbogenfarben” followed, evergreens like “Semper, Semper” right through to Austropop tracks like Georg Danzer’s “Jö schau” about naked people in Hawelka’s city café, then ripped from the audience with . It was clear that the musicians themselves had a lot of fun with this performance, even if they said they were “not quite over it” – or maybe that’s why. The audience sang, clapped, rocked, and lived up to the title of “Biggest Choir in Camp Valley”, and in addition to singing, there were always couples dancing in front of the stage – of course also when “Que sera, sera” said: “Everything is waltzing!” was finally brought out. Reinhard Kittenberger took to the stage with his Tschingle-Bells collection, showing once again that he could certainly cause a stir as much a musician as an enterprising gardener.

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Hits become party hits

It was a tremendous evening in the Garden Square—an evening that incidentally proves that dull thumps can turn into lyrical and even festive thumps that can barely keep anyone in their chairs.

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