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Tolkien's Ownership of The Lord of the Rings Coin Expires

Tolkien’s Ownership of The Lord of the Rings Coin Expires

to me JRR . symbol He is now in the collar. The Mimi Queen He refers directly to the episode poem in the Lord of the Rings novels, which he refers to by its creators as the “token to rule them all”. The token’s website also featured a Gandalf-like wizard, the rings were also visible and the coin’s name could easily be confused with JRR and JRR Tolkien.

That was the estate managers J.R.R. Tolkien Now a lot and has taken legal action against the crypto-meme because of copyright infringement. This reports among others Ars Technica. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said the coin’s creators know they are using JRR Tolkien’s work to promote the coin.

Practically no longer usable

The rights to the website for the token and the name of the JRR token have been handed over to the property administrators. They immediately banned all activities. Further infringements of copyright are also prohibited. According to the creators of the new cryptocurrency, which may now be dead again, “token” is a generic term that sounds similar to “Tolkien.” However, WIPO generally saw it differently. As reported by Ars Technica, the token can no longer actually run like this.

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