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SK Sturm Graz: Watch the Bundesliga on TV and Live

SK Sturm Graz: Watch the Bundesliga on TV and Live

In the Bundesliga final, he played SK Storm in a long-range duel for second place in Wydad. SPOX shows you where you can watch the match on Saturday on TV, Live Stream, and Live Pointer.

SK Rapid and Sturm are tied for second and third places in the table, and Hütteldorfer is currently enjoying the advantage due to the better goal difference. On the final day of the match, Sturm will visit Wydad and receive Rapid LASK.

The team that finished second is allowed to enter the second round of the Champions League qualifiers.

Although Sturm is six points ahead of the Carinthians in the table, Wydad has won five times in their last six matches against the Blackies, once that was enough to beat the Carinthians in the table.

But one thing is clear: Sturm is secured for third place, and LASK can no longer overtake the Styrian either.

WAC vs Sturm: Live Broadcast and TV Broadcast

The duel between WAC and Sturm will be broadcast exclusively on Sky on Saturday at 5:00 pm. More precisely, one would be on Sky Sport Austria 14 look for it. Initial match reports will begin at 4 PM, and match will begin at 5 PM.

With th Heaven go– App subscribers can watch the game on the go via the live broadcast.

WAC vs. Sturm Graz in the live broadcast tape

All those who do not have it sky-Abo can access the comprehensive and always up-to-date live SPOX tape. Right this way

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Home group schedule

# the society Toys +/- points.
1 RB Salzburg 31 57 48
2 Rapid Vienna 31 21 33
3 Storm Graz 31 16 33
4 Lask 31 17 30
5 Wolfsberger AC 31 -8 27
6 WSG Tirol 31 -3 23

Storm Flying High: “Ilzer formed a unit of the team”

Sturm Sports Director Andreas Schaker “strongly” expects coach Christian Elzer to stay next season. Styrian was able to instill an idea in the team relatively quickly and he did it even in difficult times.

On the TV show, Shaker said, “Christian Elzer formed a unit of the team” Speak and Tor. “You could say that Sturm Graz lives differently. If that can be seen from the outside, then the Sturm fan also forgives the worst matches,” he added.

Next weekend, the “Blackies” will be fighting for second place in a long-running duel with SK Rapid. This qualifies you to participate in the Champions League qualifiers. “We collapsed in the pre-season period,” said Sturm’s director of sports, adding, “The approach was that we needed other players on the team.”