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Smart meters – electricity meter exchange in Wiener Netze in Burkersdorf

Smart meters – electricity meter exchange in Wiener Netze in Burkersdorf

Electricity meters are currently being replaced in all homes in Burkersdorf.

Shutterstock, Yvhen Progierko

DrDigitization doesn’t stop at Purkersdorf. Wiener Netze therefore replaces the electricity meters with immediate effect so that it can determine the consumption digitally in the future.

In the future, the ability to read energy consumption at any time via the electronic portal, skip the annual reading date and feed light electricity from renewable energies to the power grid – the smart meter system provides all these advantages.

Electricity meters in all homes in Burkersdorf are currently being replaced by so-called smart meters, regardless of the electricity supplier. And this is a step towards digitization here, too.

As part of the new system, customers will be able to choose between three different electricity transfer time periods:

  • Standard: The electricity consumed per day is recorded and transmitted daily.
  • Subscription: Energy consumption is measured every 15 minutes and data is sent to the network operator once per day.
  • Opt out: Consumption is measured and quoted one at a time.

However, those who are not tech savvy should not fear this change. “Once a year, everyone receives their annual statement in the normal way by mail. For those who don’t have that much technology experience, it means that nothing will really change – except that the annual meter reading won’t. not be necessary anymore.”

Electricity meters will be replaced immediately. However, each household will be notified in writing in advance.