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'Sneaky': Employees bring Prince Harry back into negative headlines

‘Sneaky’: Employees bring Prince Harry back into negative headlines

Opposite daily monster Six of the company’s coaches reported the poor conditions the company was said to be experiencing. Among other things, it has been announced that employees’ employment contracts will soon be changing, which for many will mean “deceptive salary cuts” that could result in some losing a third of their payments. One employee said, “A lot of us are upset. I’d say sad. And I think morals are really questionable.” “Turn us into merchandise.”

The rating system should also make things difficult for the employees, which could also affect the coaches’ salary. All clients are asked to use an app to indicate how “life-changing” working with coaches is for them. “When I train a member, I don’t want to focus on how they rate me,” one employee told the portal. “From an ethical standpoint, we are there to train customers, not to make them hit the ‘like’ button.”

Some of the changes have already been undone due to employee uprisings. But it seems not many are clear about Prince Harry’s responsibility or whether he has been directed to the company just to generate more public interest in it. But it’s not just the king’s position that is in question: “They’ve hired and hired and hired in recent years…there are a lot of vice presidents. I don’t even know what these vice presidents are doing.”

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