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Weltmuseum Wien receives Aboriginal arts from the collecting couple Essl

Weltmuseum Wien receives Aboriginal arts from the collecting couple Essl

Weltmuseum Wien receives Aboriginal arts from the collecting couple Essl

Collective couple Karlheinz and Agnes Essl donated 58 pieces of Aboriginal art to the Weltmuseum Wien. Sabine Haag, director general of the KHM Museums Association, spoke of a “wonderful gift” and “a stroke of luck” on Friday when the donation contract was signed. “It is with great pleasure that you take these things,” said International Museum Director Jonathan Fine.

The collection in Australia at the Weltmuseum Wien includes about 700 items, starting with holdings from the early 19th century. The now-captured collection, with works by 40 indigenous Australian artists (including John Maurendjoel, Fred Ward Tjungurai, Melba Gungarwanga, Jenny Fraser, Charlie Genmalala Priyanswe, Lena Yarinkura, and Marie Borontatamiri) from the early 2000s began a larger collaboration with Australian institutions and artists,” said Fine, who emphasized that the two exhibitions at the ESL Museum (“Dreamtime, 2001, and “Spirit and Vision,” 2004) “opened the eyes of Austria and Europe” of the importance of Aboriginal art, which goes back to an art tradition stretching from 40,000 to 60,000 years old.

At the meeting, Karlheinz Essel told reporters about his interest in Aboriginal art, which dates back to the late 1990s, and reported adventurous trips to Aboriginal communities in the outback at a time when Australian museums had yet to recognize historical and artistic art. business value. “The more I dig, the more excited I get.”

According to Essel, he has privately bought the works that are now delivered. In addition to the company’s collection that was delivered to Albertina, a fairly large-scale private collection was also created, of which there is a larger stock. He is now trying to find the right places for those, “where it makes sense, fits the concept and complements the existing ensemble”. It is important for us to know that they have a good place. ‘, Klosterneuburg and Innsbruck. When asked by the APA, Essell said he still kept some pieces from his Aboriginal art collection. “I still need that. So as not to lose the thread. “

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