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Soccer with 'leg belt' available soon

Soccer with ‘leg belt’ available soon

Not hot enough for you yet? When it comes to sports, summer really starts for Nintendo fans on Friday, July 27, 2022: for Nintendo Switch Sports There is a big update Football, volleyball and internet game Brings.

How do I get the Soccer update for Switch Sports? Update from 27.7. It is included with the physical version of the game, but can also be purchased separately. It is then possible to hold 4v4 and 1v1 hot soccer matches.

How to play it The Joy-Con in the leg strap transmits your body movements, that is, your shots, to the on-screen character. In addition, by moving your hands as if you were running on the spot, you can now run behind the ball in the game. Sweat beads included!

Nintendo Switch Sports: This comes with a big July update

The free update not only increases the gaming fun for the calf strap friends. Volleyball fans can also look forward to great new features. Additional moves like feint or hammer await. Furthermore, the “Professional League” will be expanded to include the new ranks S and ∞.

Therefore, aspiring players can gain more fame and glory in playing online if that is what they want. And if you’re not currently fighting for worldwide promotion, you can meet up for matches in a convenient way using the new Room IDs.

It has never been easier to meet friends from far away via the Internet and Nintendo Switch Sports to play.

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More details about the contents of the software update as of July 27 can be found at Support page at

What’s Next? The next free update is already in early fall. From now on, Nintendo Switch Sports fans will be too golf he can play

Nintendo Switch Sports Comes with an extra leg strap For 49.98 euros on, among others (Referral link) is available. Title by the way Not available for Switch Lite, but only for the standard and OLED versions of the Nintendo console. There was also an important note from the manufacturer: Children should not play with it alone.