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This is how you swallow the flash

This is how you swallow the flash

Have you ever wondered how scientists can fire lightning to study them? Answer: the so-called road lightning missiles. They are released into the sky during thunderstorms, using a conductor – maybe a good one Copper Wire – Pull after you. Hence, the flash is covered in bait, so to speak, and in a straight line to a land Promotion. The wire vaporizes when lightning strikes.

‘Don’t look up’ becomes a reality

In the movie “Don’t Look” the actors *warned Leonardo DiCaprio And the Jennifer Lawrence As scientists a meteorite will destroy the world, but their warnings go unheeded. what actually symbolic art On the climate disaster It was believed that it was actually repeated.

Meteorologist John Hammond, for example, warned on British television that Heat wave in the United Kingdom It can also be fatal to some groups of people. In addition, like severe weather due to climate change in the coming years. However, the medium has indicated that there have been heat waves before. Meteorologists should be happy about warm weather rather than always forecast negative forecasts.

How to open a loaf of parmesan cheese

A loaf of hard Italian Parmesan cheese is sliced 40 kg heavyIt needs more than 500 liters of milk for production and must mature for at least 12 months. more authentic Parmigiano Reggiano It is only produced in 5 provinces in Italy, each year is running out 4 million loaves produced. So it’s no wonder opening such a loaf is always a bit of a spectacle.

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By the way, a kilo of Parmesan in Italy is currently about 20 euros. Depending on how long it has matured, an entire wheel of Parmesan cheese can be more than 1000 Euro costs.

You don’t want to meet this robot dog

Robot dogs look almost cute, but they lose a lot of magic when you kiss them Spray mounted on the back.

Robot dogs have not yet been used as weapons, but four-legged friends are already helping Police or military operations to use. There they help, for example, in exploring dangerous areas or failed to eliminate. In addition, robot dogs must be running construction sites security guarantee or Pompeii Ruins Protect.

Icebergs on Pluto

Would you like something to cool off? How about a picture Icebergs on PlutoAlready in 2015 from the space probe new horizon has been registered. The recordings show stunning images of the former exoplanet in our solar system. When New Horizons flew close to Pluto, it was already considered so dwarf planet He was demoted in 2006.

Bill Gates explains the difference between radio and the internet

not enough? Then take a look I went online last week pure. There you see how Bill Gates In 1995 he tried to explain why the internet is better than radio.