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Soldeu World Cup Final: Elka Stohic wins last descent, defeating ÖSV Women

Soldeu World Cup Final: Elka Stohic wins last descent, defeating ÖSV Women

It should have been the first victory of the season for Austrian alpine skiers, but it did not work out in the final in Andorra – this is how Slovenian Ilka Stohic celebrated her second victory of the season and eleventh victory in the World Cup. And how! With an almost perfect run, the 32-year-old on Kästle pulled away from World Cup downhill champion Sofia Joggia by 0.51 seconds. Austrians? Nina Ortlieb had a downhill run – Miriam Buechner, who won here four years ago, was fifth after two big mistakes, Nina Ortlieb fell on the podium en route, all the others had no World Cup points and missed out on the top 15 The first.

“There were two real goats, and the jump wasn’t perfect either, I’m really upset,” Buechner from Salzburg sighed at the end. After all, at the halfway point of the race she was the only one who was faster than Stuhec before mistakes crept in. In this way, the fifth place was still successful. Unlike Nina Ortlieb: the woman from Vorarlberg fell on her way to the podium. “But at least nothing breaks, even if you always feel like falling down the slope,” said the world championship silver medalist. “But I’m also very upset,” she said, hoping that the start on Super G on Thursday would be the end of it. “But I’m there 95 percent, I suppose.”

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In Super-G Conny Hütter, who’s a touchdown runner this time around, is all about the chance of a little crystal ball; It will be the only one for Austria this winter. Italy’s Elena Cortoni is currently in front, but like Ortlieb she fell down a cliff, but fortunately she was unharmed.