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Son - Neusiedlersee is full of tears

Son – Neusiedlersee is full of tears

Young people can no longer find out about it today, but the cassette recorder is responsible for the beginning of the album. please what?? The cassette recorder was part of the standard equipment of the stereo system. With it, you can record to the radio and save songs to the playlist. Radio was Spotify in its day and the song bar was the playlist you could gift a date to without spending your pocket money like eating pizza after school.

If you are lucky enough not only to pick up the necessary love songs on the radio, which will allow you to form your own emotional state – which is difficult! – chosen, but also a radio presenter who was reserved enough not to constantly chat about music, even for a class idiot, there was an average chance he wouldn’t be rejected by Susi, Betti, or, for that matter, Jacky from 4B collection. Music, the magical language of love!

Phil Collins is about to play it

but now. Why would British songwriter and producer Sohn, of all people, open his new album with the help of a cassette tape and then sing sad songs about dumb stories like heartbreak, rejection and separation, as opposed to what the promotional post actually suggests? Hey, this won’t work for our date!

In the song “Figureskating, Neusiedlersee” the following sentence escapes the man’s lips: “There’s a crack in the ice where I skated your name!” The accompanying music sounds as if the algorithm is about to turn a corner with something by Phil Collins. My God! In this regard, in the good old days of songtape, one was fortunately still on the safe side due to personal responsibility (the main gatekeeper’s job). Of course, the cool girls also wanted great music. So Phil Collins had absolutely no chance against Uncle Nick Cave, who at the time was less focused on church services and liturgical aid, and fellow curious Blixa Guild with a Berlin snout and guitar playing.

"trust"Album cover.

Album cover “Trust”.

Oh yes son. The man with the false voice, which largely indicates various diseases, actually became known as the most emotional British Viennese by his choice through his project Trouble Over Tokyo. The somewhat inconspicuous and at the same time unlucky mix of commercially available electronic songwriter and indie pop, framed in part by chamber music, was finally buried in 2012 after three albums. Then the new birth occurred under various signs. For his art-inspired author Alan Dubstep following in the footsteps of James Blake, Sohn has not only been given many pre-earned praise as the 2014 international hype. A solid record deal with iconic British label 4AD should provide artistic satisfaction after many years of apprenticeship and travel.

Oh, Will!

After his popular debut album “Tremors” from 2014, Sohn moved to California, where he apparently lost himself after his second album, “Rennen,” released in 2017. At least Sohn tells us that his third album, which was about to end the year Past and now released under the title “Trust”, it has been at least partially re-released. As a father of three who now resides in the Catalan Pyrenees, the artist says, the original songs didn’t really reflect his current personality.

Oh, Will! In terms of content, everything remains as before. Sohn suffers at the train station (“station”), as mentioned in the Burgenland ice skating or silently crying while sitting on the river bank (“river”) … Sohn, for the single “Segre” before the release or the rhythmic flickering from the computer Portable in “MIA” that gets you in the pit of your stomach – but one thing is clear: If electronic music is Sohn’s main concern, no longer at the latest. These songs, often a little pallid and lacking in ideas, with vocal pull into the church bench, finally arrive at “Caravelle” with only vocals and piano.

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Before that, Sohn posed a rhetorical question: “You were my prison / My lie, my last truth / And now you are gone / Are you?” We know the answer to that.