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Spain is heading for a rightward shift in two weeks

Spain is heading for a rightward shift in two weeks

In Spain, two weeks before the parliamentary elections, there are signs of a shift to the right. The conservative People’s Party managed to consolidate its lead over the ruling Socialist Workers’ Party, according to an Ipsos poll for La Vanguardia newspaper published on Sunday. However, the People’s Party can only achieve an absolute majority of 180 seats in the 350-seat House of Representatives in coalition with the far-right Vox party.

A merger of both parties is considered possible. According to the poll, the Workers’ Party is at 35 percent, and the Socialist Workers’ Party of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is at 28 percent. Soumar’s left-wing party is slightly ahead of Vox at 12.6 percent with 13 percent. Among other things, Vox promised to prevent boat passengers from reaching Spain with a naval blockade. Elections will be held on July 23.

Surprisingly, Sánchez called new elections for May 29 after his party, the Social Democrats and their partner in government, Unidas Podemos, lost in the regional and municipal elections. In fact, the parliamentary elections in the current Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Spain, were scheduled for December.

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