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The e-bus begins trial operation today – St. Pölten

The e-bus begins trial operation today – St. Pölten

The e-bus will be available from Monday 30 October. Until November 6. From the bus company Dr. Richard was tested. There is a driver in the LUP-Linienbus system on the Line 1, 5, 6, 7 and 12. There is no bus available on the bus, we can use it on the Zeitkarten (Klimaticket, Monats-Wchenkarte, TOP-Jugendticket) in the Bus nutzen ability. Like a regular bus, the electric bus is 12 meters long and 3.27 meters high. It has 28 seats and 55 standing places, and as usual it is equipped with 3 doors for getting on or off. The groups also have spaces designed specifically for wheelchair and stroller users.

Electricity for the leading city

With an output capacity of 240 kW, which is supplied by 10 batteries in the rear and roof of the bus, the bus can cover a range of up to 400 kilometers on a full battery charge. Ideal for LUP, as the battery capacity is enough to cover even the longest LUP route of 380 kilometers per day with ease. The E-LUP should finally be put into use with a new tender in the summer of 2027. Planning for this has been going on for about two years. With this step, St. Pölten wants to take another step towards becoming a leading climate-neutral city and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible. The first successes in this field have already been achieved by converting the city’s vehicle fleet to e-mobility.

Mayor Stadler with bus operator representatives
The bus manufacturer at the premiere of the Icarus electric vehicle. (Photo: Arman Kaltis)

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St. Pölten’s electric Icarus?

The 120e low-floor single city bus from the Ikarus plant in Budapest has already been tested in several German cities and is currently one of the latest models in the field of electric public buses. “After the week-long trial operation, we will see how the bus is received by passengers and whether it meets the requirements of LUP traffic. In any case, the electric bus will come to St. Pölten because, as a leading city, we definitely want to achieve climate neutrality and therefore want to reduce CO2 emissions.” To zero in all areas of life if possible,” said Mayor Stadler.