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Student Loans and LGBTQI Rights: Supreme Court Rulings Divide America

Student Loans and LGBTQI Rights: Supreme Court Rulings Divide America

Status: 07/01/2023 09:24 am

The US Supreme Court has made two decisions that will make conservatives happy and liberals frustrated. It’s about LGBTQI rights and the government’s plan to write off some of their student loans.

They are angry, angry and disappointed. Many students hoped to have some of their student loans written off by the government. Currently, the Supreme Court has suspended the US President Joe Biden’s plan.

Young Americans expressed their frustration on TikTok: “We briefly believed that judges would make decisions like normal people. In the last 24 hours, that has been shattered,” says one woman on the video platform. Another user says, “You rich kids enjoy free trips and great resumes.”

Others, particularly conservative Americans, are happy that a majority of justices felt the government had overstepped its authority. Instead of launching a bailout package worth around 394 billion euros, he should have let parliament vote on it.

“You have student loans? Stop going to Starbucks every day and get a good paying job,” a young man criticizes. Another user is happy because: “We uneducated people don’t want to pay your debt.”

Backlash for Biden

For President Biden, the decision was a major setback. Helping students was one of his key campaign promises. And he needs the youth vote to be re-elected next year.

“Today’s decision closed one path, and now we have to find a new one,” Biden said. “I will never stop fighting for you. We will do whatever it takes to cancel your debt so you can achieve your dreams. It’s good for the economy, it’s good for the country, it’s good for you.”

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And the decisions taken are dividing the country

On the last day before summer vacation, the US Supreme Court decided to divide the country. You agree with a religious web designer who refuses to design gay wedding sites. Your right to freedom of expression takes precedence over any anti-discrimination law in the state of Colorado.

For liberal Americans, this is a scandal. Attorney Joey Jackson told CNN: “Because we’re saying, if the Constitution allows us to protect discrimination, if you don’t believe that, you don’t have to serve that person. What’s next? Are there restrictive covenants? Who do they serve, because they say: That’s my constitutional right? “

Conservative majority in the Supreme Court

On the other hand, conservatives are also happy about the decision. In both cases, the deciding factor is that conservative-leaning justices on the Supreme Court now hold a clear majority: six to three. Notably, former President Donald Trump was able to nominate three of them during his tenure.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, told Fox News: “I’m very proud of the Supreme Court and its rulings. The justices stood up for free speech and stopped the unbridled madness coming out of Washington. A great day for our country and judicial conservatism for Donald Trump’s nominations.” A reminder that there is a majority.”

Resolutions divide the country

A day earlier, the Supreme Court had barred universities from making race or ethnic origin a decisive criterion when selecting university applicants. This practice should provide better opportunities to minorities.

The decisions not only divide the country, but also divide the judiciary, with defeated liberals accusing their conservative colleagues of making political decisions.

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