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Sustainable living by the river

Sustainable living by the river

Nine stories in eleven weeks

The building system in serial timber construction can be fully prefabricated and only needs to be assembled at the construction site. Gropyus asked Knapp Verbinder to develop the connector system required for this. © Knapp

With the project in Weißenthurm, Gropyus has delivered a residential building of 4193 sqm2 total floor area. for the construction of a nine-storey residential building comprising 54 one- to three-room apartments with areas ranging from 28 to 74 square meters2 The living space, optionally with balcony or terrace, takes only eleven weeks from the client. “For quick assembly, the outer frame of the timber construction was fitted with connectors at the factory. The façades were also attached to the trusses there, so that only individual elements had to be assembled on site – floor by floor,” says Daniel Canar, senior director of formulation at Gropyus The residential tower has only 5% of the greenhouse capacity compared to a reference building The photovoltaic system integrated in the façade ensures that the building is energy positive throughout its life cycle As everywhere in Germany, affordable living space is also needed here. “We are delighted that Gropius has erected its first building here in Weissenthurm – so we are a kind of pioneering community for the future of modern housing construction,” says Gerd Heim, Mayor of Weissenthurm, and continues: “Especially linking sustainability and high energy efficiency with smart living space Affordable is a great concept to meet the housing shortage.

Source: Gropius, Mosul Knapp

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