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Tattoo artists, freaks and song contest winners at the tobacco factory

Tattoo artists, freaks and song contest winners at the tobacco factory

17 years ago, Lordi from Finland shocked many die-hard song contest fans and won the contest with her wild masks and rock vocals. Eleven years ago, Bad Ischl’s Jochen Auer put on a “wild” show in which he provided a stage for the tattoo artists and rock music fans scene. On the 21st, both worlds come together when the Finns appear at the first two days of the Wildstyle & Tattoo trade show at Linzer Tabakfabrik and promise a big rock show.

Auer is at least as thrilled about winning the Lordi Prize, as he is about the fact that his invention turns 28 this year. Success is a must, so next weekend Tabakfabrik in Linz will become a playground for dozens of top tattoo artists, models and international participants from 25 countries and five continents.

“The most flexible person in the world”

It is important for Auer to attract the “deal of the international tattoo scene” and at the same time have a lot of guest stars and religious figures turn the two-day trade show into a show event. The running show in this year’s edition is “The Enigma”, which applied a unique concept of full-body tattooing and became popular. It is also considered one of the best sword swallowers in the world, which greatly enriches its offer. Kyros Hadjo, “the most resilient person in the world”, is also a guest in Linz. The acrobatic show is breathtaking. There are also Lordi concerts on Saturday and UDO on Sunday.

wildstyle & Tattoo Gallery, October 21, from 12 noon to midnight, and October 22, from 12 noon to 8 p.m., Tabakfabrik Linz, entrance fee: 20 euros; European Street Food Festival in the outdoor area with free entry


Reinhold Gruber

Local Editor Linz

Reinhold Gruber

Reinhold Gruber


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