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TC St.  Valentin is on his way to defend his title

TC St. Valentin is on his way to defend his title

The very prominent men’s 45+ team has already reached the semi-finals in Serik, Antalya.

After a very confident coup last year without losing a set, the over-45 men of TC Saint Valentin are on track to defend their title at the European Senior Team Championship, which will also be held this year in the town of Serik in the province of Serik. Antalya state, Turkey. The Lower Austria team was able to clearly win 5-0 in its age group in the first group at the Megasaray Tennis Academy on Monday against Topspin Tennis Akademisi (Turkey), then on Tuesday against Tesla Pardubice (Czech Republic) and on Wednesday against Tennis Club Barseno. (Spain) each 4:1. The competition for the final takes place on Friday against the PFM team, which qualified for the finals last year from the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The European Senior Team Championship will be held over two weeks, in the first week the age groups will be from 30+ to 50+, then from 55+ to 75+. In the first week, the men from St. Valentine’s are the only Austrian representatives, and they are in a very prominent lineup. In addition to Robert Apollonio, team captain Josef Reisinger, team captain and veteran ÖTV referee Anton Loseger and club president Manfred Huber, former Czech ATP players Frantisek Cermak and Bohdan Ulihrač also play for Lower Austria, as does Stefan Kubik. Former number 20 in the world from Carinthia.

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