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Technology and tests – Samsung Watch6 series

Technology and tests – Samsung Watch6 series

In the Watch6 series, Samsung mainly relies on the new health functions. © Samsung

Samsung is building on the new health features in the Series 6. The sleep coach not only provides detailed data on the night’s sleep behavior, but can also send connected devices to sleep. So, if you start to fall asleep, the watch sends itself and the paired smartphone to sleep, which it does. B. Protects from late night calls. Since the colorful play of light from the LEDs on smartwatches annoys some users at night, the Watch6 now has an infrared sensor that only uses invisible light; If it works, the sensor only lights up slightly on a very dark night. More than 100 sports are supported. Heart rate warning and a zone that suggests optimal load based on data measured at five different training levels is new. So, if you choose the “Fat Burn” level, the running speed will be suggested based on my heart health.

And with the new thermal scan, the watch can also detect the temperature of surfaces, for example to answer the question of how warm a bathing lake actually is (according to Watch6, one degree colder than what the lifeguard says). In the event of a fall, the fall detection system will automatically call a specified phone number.

The Watch6 is available in sizes from 40 to 47 mm with an LTE option and is priced at €279. Despite the larger batteries, the watch needs to be recharged after about a day of use when the tracking functions are on. Most health features are limited to use of the paired Galaxy smartphone, iPhones are not supported.

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