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"The Bachelor 2022" Episode 10: Who Wins?  (spoiler)

“The Bachelor 2022” Episode 10: Who Wins? (spoiler)

The final episode “The Bachelor” was launched on RTL+. You can read here which woman won and if she is still with Dominic.

Since January 26, RTL is finally showing a new season of “BSC”but die-hard fans know that episodes with an RTL + premium account Available for retrieval seven days prior to TV broadcast. And so the last episode is already online.

All candidates in action:

Anna or Jana Maria: Who won the “Bachelor 2022”?

In the final they stood that And the Jana Maria Opposite. Both developed a close relationship with the member and eventually confessed their feelings to him. But in the end it could be one or none at all. Although many viewers may have been firmly convinced that Dominic chose Jana Maria in the end, Finally choose Anna. Because he loves her in contrast to him and because he has developed more feelings for her than Jana Maria, he has given her the last rose.

The other women liquidated in this order:

Big Reunion: Are Anna and The Bachelorette Still Together?

The question of relationship status is just as important as the question of the winner. Immediately after the end, presenter Frauke Ludowig was able to shed light on the big reunion. Dominic and Anna spent their first time together after filming and also several weeks after the end We are still together. They are currently in the process of furnishing their shared apartment in Frankfurt.

The nominees were not always happy with their dismissal, you can find the biggest excitement of the show in the video:

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