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Börse Express – Frequentis provides a voice communication system for one of the world’s largest air traffic control providers in Canada

Börse Express – Frequentis provides a voice communication system for one of the world’s largest air traffic control providers in Canada

NAV CANADA, Canada’s air traffic control agency, has selected Frequentis to supply its innovative, unified X10 Voice Switching System (VCS) (ED137 compliant) for air traffic control operations nationwide.

This project represents one of the world’s largest installations of a voice communications system with radio/telephone gateways and will improve communications throughout Canadian airspace. The Frequentis X10 connects to over 3,500 VHF (Very High Frequency) radio systems and ensures seamless communication between NAV CANADA, airlines and airports.

“The next generation VCS will standardize communications for Canada’s airspace security. We support NAV CANADA in the rapid implementation of the project while at the same time ensuring high availability and Cyber ​​security “Absolutely,” says Michael Lange, managing director of Frequentis Canada. “System maintenance across the vast Canadian landscape is simplified through the X10 thin client workspace concept, which is based on centralized setup and monitoring of all sites.”

The software-based X10 VCS is installed on NAV CANADA network infrastructure and provides a network-centric, service-oriented product architecture. Maximum reliability is ensured through the use of redundant data centers, redundant communications resources and parallel transmission of voice services. The X10 VCS enables simple and dynamic allocation of communication resources during normal operation and in emergency situations. This gives controllers the opportunity to use any frequency from anywhere at any time. The system provides controllers with an intuitive workplace design. Through simple configuration, user interfaces can be adapted to different operating requirements. The added value lies in rapid adaptation to changing conditions in air traffic control.

The Frequentis X10 cybersecurity concept prioritizes security and ensures high availability of communications for air traffic control.

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“Frequentis has been a partner of NAV CANADA for more than 25 years and we look forward to working together again on one of the largest air traffic control VCS deployments in the world,” said Mark Cooper, vice president and chief technology and information officer at NAV CANADA. “This partnership will allow us to improve the resiliency of our systems while ensuring our customers continue to receive safe and efficient air traffic services across Canada.”