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World Savings Day is approaching: these are the gifts you can get this year

World Savings Day is approaching: these are the gifts you can get this year


Real and tangible benefit of the classic savings account? Let’s put it this way: It’s complicated — even on World Savings Day. However, our banks are still important touchpoints when it comes to investments or financing of all kinds – and of course also on October 31, where you can win some giveaways. We asked at RLB, Oberbank, VKB-Bank and Sparkasse OÖ to see what tricks the big banks have up their sleeves this year: glass straws, wooden pigs, and competing with waiting inflation bonuses.

  • Hypo OÖ takes place on the afternoon of December 31st. Meet and greet with LASK players at the headquarters on Linzer Landstrasse (the bank also acts as a sponsor of the Blacks and Whites team). In addition, there is handcrafted chocolate from the excellent chocolatier Martin Mayer from Meggenhofen for loyal customers. The accompanying packaging was designed by artists from Edition Kultur Formen, an initiative of the Hartheim Institute. There is also a savings offer: for 15 months, you get a fixed interest rate of at least 4.00% per annum
  • The World Savings Day campaign organized by Oberbank is relatively limited: only the inflation bonus of 7 x €500 – a total of €3,500 – will be withdrawn.
  • In RLB OÖ there is Stoffsumsi, which has become a brand, like the adorable skateboard bee and the classic card game “Schwarzer Peter”. There’s also a smartphone chain or wooden cell phone and tablet stand as well as a set of six glass straws.
  • VKB Bank offers a sustainable piggy bank. Its body is injection molded from thermoplastic wood fiber material. Wood fiber comes from European forests. The VKB Money Pig is biodegradable and made from 100 percent renewable materials.
  • There is nothing for adults at Sparkasse OÖ this year, but the money will go to the OÖ. The Children’s Cancer Aid Society presented a check for €125,000.
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