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The holiday classic salmon and what to drink it with

The holiday classic salmon and what to drink it with

As unusual as the salmon on the menu is, it’s still fish and people love it that way Citrus fruit accompaniment. Anyway, a touch of pink grapefruit with a good rose from Provence has pole position when it comes to accompaniment. At least if you don’t care about it The most obvious pairing Decide on sparkling wine. However, you need a little experience here, because the latest no-dose sparkling wines and champagnes – “extra harshness” or “pas doucet” – sometimes leave the delicacy behind. metallic Taste.

Some “lard” should be enough to balance out the salmon starter. will be on appetizers or tramzini This base is served more – because this white bread also increases the filling of salmon. Why here Champagne rosé with high Chardonnay-Period An ideal choice, especially as part of a set menu. Moderately acid, is the sparkling wine recipe for success. Because if a fish fills your mouth with its fat, you don’t need a “palate teaser” to get rid of all that aftertaste.

Hot smoked herbs

Even if it is offered less in Austria, this product is almost vanishing Hot smoked salmon Again different requirements than the cold smoked variant, which has a more natural fat content. Here, there must be a suitable acidity in the wine with a relative presence Tender dry fish Keep up. A little (herbal) spice doesn’t hurt either, which is why stress is one aspect dry (!) Muskateller, Pinot Blanc is also a good way to maximize your pleasure. If you own an internationally classified cellar, you are welcome to open a Viognier or Chenin Blanc. And Zierfandler, who you really didn’t know when he’d fit in, had a festive appearance there. Sometimes in marinade honey and salt Comes to use a little makes The sweetness of the fruit It always goes well with this interesting variation of salmon, which can also be combined with pasta, tortillas, or risotto.

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Orange fish and red wine

When it comes to salmon, which is served as a main course, it is above all preparation that decides everything – including that wine colour. Because with boiled fish, but also slowly cooked in the oven (for example in puff pastry and with herbal farce), Medium strength White wine should be the first choice. come on but barbecue flavours It plays a role, for example if the salmon is roasted whole, skin on, red wine is usually better. In case you are A little tannin to have. Tannin will be the enemy, cooling this holiday dish’s friend. Next to Chiller Pinot Noir without a noticeable woody tone is also suitable for Nebbiolos. At least in this country, the cooler variants outside of Piedmont are insider tip: an eye Valtellina Superiore DOCG About brings each case Notes on gooseberries With – and not only in Scandinavia they love it with salmon.

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Another recommendation would be wine” The Piedmontese From Grignolino grapes. It has enough acidity for fat fish, which is why carp, the second guest swimming at Christmas on the table, gets along so well with it. senior sommelier Aldo Som This balance has also been absorbed. When asked about the best wines to go with salmon, a man from the star New York restaurant “Le Bernardin” named a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as well as a Pinot Noir.

Especially if there are many of them Citrus flavours (especially tartar) are implicated, and the latter obviously takes precedence in salmon at Christmas. Only with pleasure served upscreen Or mustard sauce, which is not easy to accompany either, Sauvignon is having a hard time. Here, Grüner Veltliner is more mature – eg Wacho Emerald or Weinviertel DAC is protected No special use of wood! – but as a replacement. Light acidity and enough body to match the pungent aromatics are key requirements in this case.