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“The league is bigger than I thought”

“The league is bigger than I thought”

Hannes Wolf moved to New York City from Gladbach in the American MLS over the winter. His arrival there can be described as very successful. He has been in the starting lineup in all 4 games so far.

This surprised some people in America, but not Wolf. “I know my qualities and I have seen the team. I know that the team needs exactly such a player,” said the Austrian “Hudson River Blue”.

Comment: Clever exchange idea from Wolf >>>

After his time in Germany, he didn't play a role, he said, “I wanted to make sure I came to a team where I would have opportunities.”

Back to ten

In the US he returns to the tenth level. At Gladbach he played on the wing and he didn't have a ten spot. “I see myself as a ten-year-old, but to be honest I don't have a clear preference. I just want to play,” Wolf said.

Nothing much about America surprised him. “But the league is bigger than I thought. There's a lot of people everywhere, and I didn't expect that. There were about 60,000 fans in Charlotte and 22,000 in St. Louis,” explains Wolf.

As for quality, the 24-year-old says: “Maybe it's a little better than I thought. There are a lot of good players. Tactically, I think the league is good. Maybe it's a little physical, as expected. .”

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