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ORF public value dialogue with experts in the children and youth programme

ORF public value dialogue with experts in the children and youth programme

Also: Program requests are invited from children and youth

September 13, 2023, 4:35 p.m

Discussions with experts on ORF’s future offerings for children and young people: 25 key experts accepted the ORF invitation and participated in the Public Value Dialogue on Wednesday 13 September 2023, in the lobby of the ORF Media Campus. In order to optimally prepare the legally approved children and youth channel, a dialogue was conducted with the experts and responsible editors. The central question was: What good ideas and expectations do experts associate with the planned ORF offering for children and young people?

ORF Program Director Stephanie Groys Horwitz: “For our new children’s show – the linear online channel and children’s media library – it is important for me to have an extensive exchange with experts and our audience. In the public value dialogue, experts contribute their expertise, experience and perspectives. We also invite our viewers to let us know their wishes for future programming.

“If you could decide for a week what was on TV – what topics would interest you?” This question was asked in “Hello OKIDOKI” and in “ZIB Zack Mini”. Children and young people have the opportunity to submit their wishes at [email protected].

Klaus Unterberger, General value of ORF: “As a public broadcaster, we constantly discuss the quality of the program. Children and youth programming is one of the strengths of public broadcasting and one of our core competencies. Intensive debate on this is our goal and mission.”