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The match starts at 11:00 AM!  Graz99ers welcomes Pioneers Vorarlberg

The match starts at 11:00 AM! Graz99ers welcomes Pioneers Vorarlberg

Moser Medical Graz99ers will meet Pioneers Vorarlberg tomorrow, Sunday, at 11:00 am. Finally, the people of Graz want to be on the path to victory.

The Innsbruck Sharks remained dangerous yesterday, but the 99ers still dominated the Tyrolean strikers for long periods. The problem still lies in evaluating opportunities. Bad luck is currently befalling the people of Graz. Shots on the opponent’s goal are currently misplaced or poor decisions are made shortly before the end. Mattsson and company create good scoring chances and have dominated recent home games in terms of shot statistics. Already against Laibach, they shot at the opponent’s goal 44 times, yesterday there were at least 36 shots. 80 shots – but only 2 hits. This is certainly not enough. “We are fighting, working and we have enough chances. If we don’t score goals we won’t be able to win the game. This is now the only piece of the puzzle that is still missing. Once we score goals, we can start running,” Michael Schiechel said after the match.

The Pioneers had no problem scoring goals yesterday. Vorarlberg won 7-1 in Laibach. Tomorrow’s match starts at 11:00 am, and entry into the Mercure Ice Stadium is at 9:30 am. “The Pagger Buam” show begins in the stadium’s forecourt at 10:00 AM.

Statement by Michael Schiechel: “We have to play hard against the Pioneers on Sunday and finally take advantage of our opportunities“.

Round 7 – win2day ice hockey league
Moser Medical Graz99ers – Pioneers of Vorarlberg
10/01/23 – 11:00 AM, Mercure Ice Stadium

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Photo: 99ers/Krainbucher