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The Netherlands wants to ban cell phones in classrooms

The Netherlands wants to ban cell phones in classrooms

Everyone agrees that they are distracting and impair academic performance. The Netherlands plans to ban mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches in classrooms from January 1 next year.

Especially when students are on social media or using other apps during class, it distracts them from the topic. This was said to disrupt social interaction in the classroom as a reason. The ministry said pupils have the right to an ideal learning environment without undue distraction.

Dutch schools will implement their own rules by October, with the only exception: smartphones are required in the classroom. Some schools have already done so, according to the Minister of Education:

“So we haven’t decided on a legal ban at the moment. We’ll look closely at what the ad will do. Of course there’s still a legal ban. But I actually suppose we can work together.”

Robert Dickgrave, Minister of Education

Of course, many students are not enthusiastic, and when it comes to cell phones or tablets, they vacillate between insight and resistance:

The ministry, scholars, parent representatives and teachers have long warned about the negative effects of mobile phones in the classroom: they distract attention and impair school performance, all agree.

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