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Pokémon GO - Schwert und Schild

The next Pokémon GO event will add the first pocket monsters from the Galar region – the North Tower

The so-called super opening events Pokemon GO In the third and final round. After the previous two events centered around the legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia, this time around there are two brand new faces for you to marvel at. With the theme “Sword and Shield” the first 8th generation Pokemon have been added this time. Including the two legendary ones, of course Zakian and Zamazinta.

This month, to be more precise From August 20 at 10 am to September 1 at 10 am, You can hatch new Pokémon from eggs 7 km long, try your hand at exciting raid battles or work on new field research missions. All important information as well as the ad trailer can be found here:

Are you still actively playing Pokémon GO?

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