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The Polish President assigns Morawiecki to form the government

The Polish President assigns Morawiecki to form the government

Despite the victory of the three-party opposition coalition in Poland’s parliamentary elections, President Andrzej Duda tasked former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki with forming the government. Duda said yesterday in Warsaw that he believes Morawiecki is capable of forming a government.

In the elections held on October 15, three pro-European parties led by former EU Council President Donald Tusk won a clear majority. The former ruling Law and Justice Party, a conservative nationalist party, became the strongest force in Parliament in the elections, winning 194 seats, but it did not achieve an absolute majority and does not have a coalition partner.

Duda himself comes from the ranks of the PiS. The opposition accuses him of wanting to use the maneuver to delay the change of government. Since Morawiecki will not obtain a majority in parliament to form his new government, his mission is doomed to failure. Only then will it be the turn of the current opposition to form the government.

The pro-European camp appoints a new parliamentary president

In the first session of Poland’s newly elected parliament, the former opposition camp achieved its first victory: MPs elected pro-European candidate Simon Holonia as the new speaker of parliament in Warsaw.

“After this vote, there is no longer any doubt that there is a majority in this parliament that is ready to take power,” Holonia said after his election. In Poland, the position of Speaker of Parliament is considered the second most important position in the state after the President. In the Senate, Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska, the pro-European candidate, was elected President of the Senate.

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