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UNEP head Anderson wants ‘a future free of plastic pollution’

UNEP head Anderson wants ‘a future free of plastic pollution’

In recent negotiations in Nairobi, the United Nations called for an agreement against plastic waste pollution. In this country, a ban on the export of plastic waste to non-OECD countries should contribute to this.

Inger Andersson, director of the United Nations Environment Programme, called on countries to completely rethink how they deal with plastics. “We need to use fewer new materials, less plastic, and not use harmful chemicals. We need to make sure we use, reuse and recycle resources more efficiently. What is left we have to dispose of safely,” Anderson said Monday.

This came during the opening of negotiations on an agreement to combat plastic waste in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. “We must use these negotiations to develop a powerful tool with which we can shape a better future without plastic pollution,” the Dane said.

The signing is expected to take place in 2025

According to the United Nations, the burden caused by plastic waste on the environment and human health should be reduced through a globally binding agreement. Representatives of the countries are meeting in Kenya this week to participate in the third of five rounds of negotiations. For example, negotiators are discussing which regulations should apply to plastic production, but also to recycling. The aim is to launch a draft for two more rounds of negotiations next year. The agreement is scheduled to be signed at the 2025 summit.

According to information from the Climate Ministry, Austria, as a member of the High Ambition Alliance, has campaigned from the beginning to ensure that the globally binding agreement meets the goal of ending global plastic pollution. “Plastic in nature pollutes our soil and water. It harms animals, and as microplastics, it poses a health risk for us humans through the food chain. We must finally put an end to plastic pollution,” said Climate Protection Minister Leonor Gevsler (Greens). Global”.

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Geussler also calls for a general ban on the export of plastic waste to non-OECD countries. “There must be a ban on the export of plastic waste to the Global South. The EU must send a clear international signal about clean nature. Because there is no way our plastic waste will end up in illegal landfills in Asia or Africa. Unfortunately, this In the end, it will only lead to tons of plastic waste ending up in the world’s oceans sooner or later.