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The Robot Revolution: Android devices rule the roost on the shop floor

The Robot Revolution: Android devices rule the roost on the shop floor

Bicycles are also playing an increasingly important role in China. the Population aging And the Lack of skilled labor It caused a robot boom. It is hoped that this will lead to special results in the field of nursing Use of humanoid robots treatment. But androids will soon also be used in industrial applications. Fourier Intelligence has announced that it will launch its first mass-produced humanoid robot in 2024.

GR-1“It is a 1.64-metre-tall, 55-kg robot with a range of human-like abilities, including walking, obstacle avoidance and the ability to perform routine physical tasks such as lifting objects.

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What about Tesla?

Since the failed announcement, there has been silence around Optimus. But surprisingly, a few days ago, an update video was published showing the new capabilities of biped It was displayed. next to Yoga exercises Android can now Sort objects independentlyBut development appears to be still in its infancy. This is confirmed by reports that Tesla has only produced a small number of prototypes so far. The reason is said to be a bottleneck in connecting the motors, which Tesla now wants to develop itself.

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