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The shock is deep!  It's hard for Cheyenne Uchenknecht and Evgeny Vinokurov to believe their ending

The shock is deep! It’s hard for Cheyenne Uchenknecht and Evgeny Vinokurov to believe their ending


05 Mar 2022-7:24 AM hour

Nobody expected this: Cheyenne Uchenknecht And the Evgeny Vinokurov ought to He left “Let’s Dance” after the second show. The 21-year-old can’t really fathom it soon after the decision: “I don’t even know what to say.” We show her first words after the end in the video above.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht: “I am very surprised.”

was actually Cheyenne’s goal in “Let’s Dance” is to get her beyond her brother Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht.. For him, 2018 ended after the fifth show. But it turned out very differently. The combination of 15 jury points and viewer appeals is not enough for Shayan and Yevgeny. The 21-year-old does not hide the fact that she did not expect this to happen: “I am very surprised.”

The dance time between Shayan Uchenknecht and Evgeny Vinokurov is over.

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Yevgeny Vinokurov is angry and “very sad”

Professional dancer Yevgeny Vinokurov He does not hide his disappointment in the live broadcast of “Let’s Dance” after the show: “I am very sad.” He can’t blame Cheyenne: “She did a great job, worked a lot, and gave it all.” But he is annoyed by the criticisms of Jorge, Mozzi and Lambi: “I think they were stupid comments.” Tricky words from professional dance! But he wants to be honest: “If there is nothing to laugh at, then so be it.”

In the video: Roomba Cheyenne & Evgeny Was So Sensual

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