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The State Department wants to use Lufthansa for evacuations

The State Department wants to use Lufthansa for evacuations

BERN – Lufthansa’s Swiss subsidiary is planning another special flight from Zurich to Tel Aviv and back on Wednesday in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry (EDA). According to media information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now contacted Lufthansa to coordinate evacuation flights.

The Swiss are preparing for another return trip on Wednesday. The plane has 215 seats, and is scheduled to take off from Zurich at 7:55 am. The return flight from Tel Aviv is scheduled to depart at 1:05 pm.

The first private flight took place on Tuesday. Demand was high and seats were fully booked within a short period, the airline announced.

According to the Swiss, the trip is intended for Swiss citizens. “This flight can also only be booked via a special hotline, which has been informed by the Federal Foreign Office for Swiss citizens abroad and Swiss travelers in Israel,” the airline said.

In Germany, the Foreign Ministry is working on options for returning German citizens from Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Crisis Response Center is conducting extensive contacts with airlines in order to expand flight capacity.

The German Foreign Ministry is in close contact with 17 youth groups. Four groups of young people have already left safely. The other groups are scheduled to leave this Tuesday. At least one group was flown from Israel on a scheduled Icelandair flight.

According to information from the newspaper “Bild”, the federal government is also in contact with Lufthansa regarding possible charter flights. Lufthansa has currently suspended its scheduled flights to Israel until Saturday for security reasons.

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If necessary, with government aircraft

Alexander Dobrindt, leader of the CSU’s regional group, said that if a scheduled return flight was not possible, the federal government would have to make government aircraft available for this purpose. “Other countries have already shown in the last few days that they can regulate this.” Dobrindt called on Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green Party) to “ensure that German citizens in Israel do not have to continue floating in a state of uncertainty.”

Meanwhile, France and Austria announced on Monday evening that they would transport their citizens from Israel on special flights. Austria wants to operate a C-130 Hercules shuttle between Israel and Cyprus four times in the next few days; The evacuees from Cyprus are scheduled to travel to Vienna on civilian aircraft.

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Posted from October 10, 2023 – 11:33 PM

Once in my life I was able to organize a dedicated “rescue operation” for a broken down (foreign) bus and organize a replacement bus in the middle of the night. Thanks to lucky coincidences, I was able to do this after 3 hours on the phone. Do any of the complainers have any idea how to do this immediately? You’ve probably never had to organize something on such short notice, and certainly not to this extent without warning. Other countries were not affected to the same extent. If a group of young people were deported through Iceland, the government would certainly have had a planning/organisational hand in it. If you don’t have an idea, you shouldn’t complain…

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Posted from October 10, 2023 – 9:50 p.m

@JordanPensionär: In my opinion, this is appropriate. In addition to regular flights, other countries transported their citizens on evacuation flights.

For example, groups of German students have left via Turkey, Iceland or Greece, or are still stuck.

And we went down, as usual, behind and on Valium. Once again give a bad impression.

But when it comes to weighing things up, of hesitation and hesitation, they are at the forefront.

In contrast, the contributions here are when LH and Co also fly into or over crisis areas, so as not to get bored and put safety second to maximize profits. How do I do it…

Scheduled flights and evacuation flights organized by BuRe are two different things.
It’s already clear. But it’s not clear exactly what you mean. Without accurate knowledge of the situation, I would simply be cautious in making judgments. @rasch described it well.
There is also the option of sending A400M aircraft, similar to Sudan.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Posted from October 10, 2023 – 9:15 p.m

“Ms. Baerbock is talking about 100,000 people who want to travel to Germany.”

Well, considering the amount, I would focus everything in Eilat. Away from the events and the Lebanese border, buses can be organized from all over the country and large jumbo jets can also land and take off at the airport thanks to the 3,600-metre-long runway.

At the same time, the airport is almost new and was built to the highest security standards.

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